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4th Grade’s Environmental Stewards

Ms. Seagrest from Earth Inc, an organization dedicated to educated young people about how humans effect our environment, spent six Mondays with my fourth grade class. Their final project was to make signs to promote taking care of the earth, for our school. As a class, everyone was very interested in showing their ideal world contrasting with the damage we do with our waste. In partners they found images and came up with a slogan.
Here are their amazing signs.

After we did a gallery walk and discussed everyone’s work, the fourth graders reviewed what they learned. Together we wrote, edited and revised this paragraph. We picked out some boring verbs and made word banks. In the last sentence, they originally used “show.” Alternative words they came up with wereexplain, illustrate, and persuade. They finally decided on inform.. I am very impressed with all they learned and their shared writing assignment.

Ms. Seagrest taught us that landfills, big holes in the ground where all of our garbage is dumped, are overflowing. This means, if we continue to make garbage the earth will be filled with trash. We learned about alternatives to landfills. We also throw trash in the ocean. That kills the sea life. Healthy choices to get rid of garbage are composting, recycling, reusing and reducing. Composting is when food waste is turned into soil. It is a great way to use waste because it actually creates new soil to grow vegetables. Recycling, reducing and reusing all keep waste out of the landfills in the first place. We made our signs to inform people that a clean world is in our control.

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